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RSDNART is a platform of international residence for artist and academics organized by noox gallery


Elvira Amor

Elvira Amor (Madrid, 1982) is a graduate in Fine Arts by Castilla-La Mancha University, (Cuenca 2003-2009), Spain.

She has been awarded the Prize for Artistic Production by The Banco Santander Foundation 2015.

Besides her own artistic activities, she is involved in curating,development of exhibitions, exchanges and projects with other artists in various countries, encompassing a wide range of expressions of contemporary art: visual art, music and cinema. 

Marina Salvo

She develops projects which show a research for awareness in aspects that could be problematic in our society. Her work is closely connected with the social environment, both political and anthropological. She is interested in how we experience, think and represent territories both psychologically and physically.


Giuditta Rustica

Born in Italy. International artist.

Giuditta begins his artistic career by showing his work in several international contexts: Dermark, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Hungary. His work has been in several private collections and in public in Europe and America.

Giuditta's work is generally created in black and white, using the pencil as support. Only small particles are delineated, in each drawing, with glitter colors, bright and small objects. These bright elements symbolize the "eye" of consciousness.


Gaku Nakano

Born 1987 in Aichi, Japan, graduated with a master's degree Fine Art Sculpture Course from Tokyo University of the Arts 2014.

is recent practice is focused on sports and playing, and he deals with a theme '' activities that be continued and developed by others into the future '' based on acts on impulse or an eternity of rules.

Gonzalo Carrera Graniel

Multifaceted artist who loves nature and art, with a great passion the investigation of ancestral philosophies.

He participated in the first edition of  RSDNART at Kankabal.

Simbiosis colectivo

The Simbiosis Collective was born in 2016 in the union of visual artists Daniela Huerta Bollás and Jesús Bautista Velázquez.

The main characteristics of his work is to generate images, objects, photographs ... etc., under the same premise: the relationship between human and nature.


Joshua Arfaxad

Joshua Arfaxad, Visual Arts student at the Autonomous University of Yucatan. The artist has participated in collective exhibitions in the gallery of the José Peón Contreras Theater and the Olimpo Cultural Center.

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