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  • Why is noox PVR the right location for me?
    All noox concepts appel to carbon footprint, energy-conscious consumers thet appreciate tastesful, unique living spaces. For this PVR development, please keep reading for more about our development practives. Sustainability is considered to be a very important element of this project. We commit to making the most of local natural resources inside and outside of each living space with capturing and redirecting sunlight, coastal breezes, rainwater, and by really celebrating nature conservation. Some of our specific worls include: All horizontal and vertical housing is to be equipped with photovoltaic panels and ancillary equipment for generating solar electricity. We consider taht this equipment will cover around 30% of electricity consmption in the develepment´s shared spaces. Solar water heaters are to be installed for hot showers, heated pools (when needed), and common areas. We consider this equipment will account for a 30% reduction in total gas consumption across the development. Rainwater colletion equipment from rooftops is to be channeled into tanks, wich supply water for chashing cars, maintaining green garden spaces, etc. High performance, double-glazed windows reduce solar heat gain and deliver acostic insulation, wich help keep cool spaces cool and provide noise pollution control. Overhang shading systems serve to reduce additional electrocity consumption from air- conditioning. By ensuring that windows, doors, and skylights are as energy-efficient as possible, we save energy ; reduce heating, cooling and lights costs; and improve the overall comfort across the development on hot summer days. We approach this fenestration process with floor.toceiling windows and raised entryways save energy; reduce heating, cooling, and lighting costs; and improve the overall comfort across the development on hot summer days. We approach this fenestration process with floor-to-ceiling windows and raised entryways, plus panel windows / sliding glass doors wherever possible. The result is easy airflow and natural ventilation in each living space.The air-conditioning utilization will depend largely on the condo size as well as the mechanical engineering We estimate that the AC units will utilize equipment such as: 5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner Condenser with R410A Refrigerant Model: GSX140601 Item Number: 26115 (3 for each condo). Construction-free areas represent ~70% of noox PVR’s total land area, i.e. 14.38 acres (58,176 m2). To achieve all the above, we considered the positioning of each building and associated orientation to be an important design premise. Each tower equally welcomes high winds off the coast, creating interior cross-ventilation, and in turn, optimizes day-lighting distribution. Additionally, we considered how energy consumption will occur via energy-efficient equipment, with the following highlights: All lighting will be via low-consumption LED sources Placements of dual flush option toilets (liquids/solids) Installation of low-water consumption faucets and showers Installation of zero-water consumption urinals These, among other measures, are considered to make this development an energy-efficient project. Still curious? Check out some of our previous developments with similar energy-efficient achievements with ecovagreen at
  • Where specifically is noox PVR located?
    Be sure to take in the striking cliff-side views of the coastline up against the green backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains. GPS land coordinates: 20°33'36.9 "N 105°15'21.6 "W Carretera. Costera a Barra de Navidad Km. 5, 48390 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Fun facts: -Once a small fishing village, today the greater Vallarta area stretches ºfor nearly 30 miles along the shores of Banderas Bay, one of the world’s largest bays. -Puerto Vallarta (airport code: PVR) is home to 515,000+ inhabitants, as of 2020 (source). PVR is one of 125 municipalities in the Mexican coastal state of Jalisco. -Guadalajara (airport code GDL) is the nearest metropolitan city (215 miles / 347 km away), the second-largest city in Mexico, and Jalisco’s state capital. GDL is also known as the “Pearl of the West” and has a population of 1.5 million inhabitants. -We will be opening an office in PV’s Romantic Zone soon. Stay tuned for updates!
  • What is the range in property sizes at the noox PVR location?
    Noox PVR combines both horizontal (ground-level living) and vertical (high-rise condos) in a spacious, distinctively noox layout (have you checked out any of our other noox projects?). There are 258 properties in total. Horizontal living spaces feature 18 properties of 3-story homes of about ~4306 ft² (400 m2) total construction. The property sizes for these homes range from 6458 ft² - 13,455 ft² (600 m2 - 1,250 m2). Vertical living spaces feature 60 condos, within each of the 4 towers. Each tower is 15 stories high and has a total ground surface area of 9257 ft² (860 m2). Each floor has 4 condos, each with at least one outdoor balcony (breathtaking, panoramic view from all balconies). Each condo is approximately 1400 ft² (130 m2) in size. The 15th floor of each tower showcases 4 penthouses averaging 2045 ft² (190 m2) and these bad boys boast split-level 2-story, mezzanine designs 20 ft (6m). Stay tuned to set up a virtual tour and a ‘walk-thru’ of each of the property types!
  • What are my options to invest in the noox PVR project?
    Join the future of real estate co-ownership on the blockchain, by acquiring shares in beachfront, prime property on the Pacific Coast. This nooxPVR project will be completed via crowdsourced funds in various stages. Each development stage will require a certain level of investor financial commitment in order to be completed. There are two ways to invest - 1) purchasing property outright and/or 2) buying stocks. Both types of shareholders will have an advantageous opportunity to be involved in this profit-sharing project. In plain English: The earlier an investor invests, the better his cost/benefit ratio will be. In this second scenario, buyers can acquire condos/ houses at deeply discounted rates - up to 50% of final market prices. There are early investor privileges. For the first type of investor, s/he will purchase a condo/home at a deeply discounted market rate. For the second type of investor, s/he receives a higher rate of return on their monetary investment. To dive into the nitty-gritty of the noox PVR project plans, check out Phase 1 | noox PVR Project. Estimated development start date: July 2020. To learn more about the options to invest, see the noox PVR | Stock SeriesOperating Rules. Note: Owners within noox properties permits owners to self-conduct renting of properties per night per platforms like Airbnb, Expedia, etc.. #smartInvestments: Your investment is backed by a definitive title with valuable assets, that are the same for all partners. When you become a #nooxcommunity member, you receive a password granting access to all up-to-date project information. This content is backed up on the blockchain, making the information both transparent and tamper-proof. Learn more about the nooxlog blockchain here.
  • As a foreigner, how can I buy a noox property? I’m not Mexican by birth and haven’t bought any property in Mexico to date."
    Foreigners can buy and invest without problem in this Puerto Vallarta Noox. In the initial phase, they are partners in a real estate project through a Noox Puerto Vallarta SAPI, which is an Investment Promotional Corporation, that allows for foreign investment by individuals. This same title allows foreigners to credit their investments (capital and profits) through the same condo purchased with us. There is also the option to buy in via traditional methods. This option occurs via a trust designed exclusively for this purpose, given that the project development is classified or designated as a Condominium System/Scheme. Here’s a well-written description of what Buying Property in Mexico’s Restricted Zone will require. This article was prepared by an independently-operating law practice, also located in Puerto Vallarta. The noox PVR development is less than 50 km from tidewater, so it falls within the ‘restricted zone’ category. In order to expedite the purchasing process for your noox PVR property as a foreigner, we have established a bank trust (fideicomiso). Under this purchasing option, a sample noox PVR property purchase contract agreement may be reviewed in the following: Bilingual Modelo Contract nooxPVR. Note: If the purchasing party chooses to rent his/her purchased property to third parties, per his/her equity shares within noox PVR, this lucrative activity is pre-authorized. To review the details of your prospective member equity, please see the following: OPERATING RULES | PVR STOCK SERIES. I don’t really speak Spanish that well. I want to be able to be sure I understand everything clearly. Who would be recommended as a bilingual lawyer or accountant? Please seek the advice and local representation of a qualified legal professional(s) about your individual situation and purchase plans. Food for thought: If you buy property in Mexico, have a legal Mexican will written and filed by a Mexican attorney. This will save your loved ones a lot of time.
  • How are payments and taxes to be handled?
    Noox PVR is registered as a SAPI de CV (Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión de Capital Variable). Los inversionistas tendrán una utilidad de su inversión que genera un Impuesto sobre la Renta que se genera cuando reciban sus ganancias o adjudiquen su departamente o casa. Quien decidan comprar tambien de manera tradicional deberán pagar el impuesto de translado de dominio al municipio que cobra el notario de forma común
  • What is included in the purchase of a property at noox PVR?
    Monthly maintenance services and associated fees apply, estimated amounts are forthcoming and will be determined by the unit size. Noox will conduct payments of maintenance, state contributions, taxes, expenses, and other services made available in the Puerto Vallarta development. PIxka Fri Exclusive amenities per high-rise tower: Exterior Entry Each tower’s entrance features: a circular drive with a passenger drop-off area an inclined, walk-up path connected to an open-air, tree-lined plaza car ramps guide arriving vehicles to the underground parking areas Exterior Underground Each tower has two stories of underground parking structures. Basement Level 1 and Basement Level 2 have a total of 108 parking spaces for each tower. Each unit has one designated parking spot included. Additional spots may be reserved for private use at an additional charge. Interior Entry Each tower’s ground floor boasts the following: a shared entryway, complete with elevators and stairs access on every floor (1 - 15 vertical access) Multi-purpose event hall (~130 m2) Co-working spaces Bathrooms Basic service areas Skyhigh Views Enjoy panoramic spectacular views from either the roof garden OR the open-air extended terrace accessible from floor 6. Each tower’s roof garden includes: Infinity pool with both shaded / and shade-free areas (~72, 220 Liter pools). Snack bar area Separate locker rooms (complete with showers & bathrooms) Fitness centers (~22 m2). Each tower’s 6th floor includes: Co-working spaces (~377 ft2 / 35 m2 each) are in two locations - additional spaces are located on the ground floor. This property will be located within a gated community, with 24/7 live security + cameras. Additional exterior features of the noox PVR development: Keypad street access for property owners, complete with security personnel. Wide roads with street lamps, shading, and gardens that preserve the flora and fauna native to the land. Communal spaces/shared use: Walking and cycling routes, surrounded by nature, enjoying exclusive views of the bay. Clubhouse featuring : Swimming pool (~100-gallon tank / ~120,000 L) Multi-purpose space Restaurant / Coffee Shop Kids Playzone Locker rooms (complete with showers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms) Spa & Massage Center Sports fields/courts lit after dark by solar cells 2 tennis courts Paddle court Multi-purpose court Noox properties are developed and managed by noox itself. For the complete guide to this development, check out the noox PVR Project OVERVIEW.
  • Is there any incentive for me to promote amongst my social circles that I’ve bought a property with noox PVR?
    Yes, definitely! If you secure a new buyer for noox PVR you will receive a 2.5% commission on the sale price of that property (a sale is effectuated when the purchase contract is signed and the buyer has paid 30% deposit on the purchased property). Payouts will occur within 5 business days of the confirmation of property sale and include the corresponding tax amount associated with the commission earnings, and in the currency agreed upon within that sale contract. Should the currency be marked as pesos, the USD-MXN exchange rate published by the Bank of Mexico for the day will be used. Please see the following formal agreement that we offer as an incentive for social promotion: Contrato Comisión Mercantil
  • How can I find out more about what noox is doing outside PVR?
    Check out our past and present noox projects across Mexico and our castle in Germany. Come and see for yourself! Plan a quick trip or extended vacation and stay in one of our managed properties (note: many of these spaces are also for sale!). You can find us on Airbnb. If you mention how you found out about us, get a 25% discount on your stay! See how we develop noox properties via Pixka crowd-funding investments. Listen to what our guests/buyers have to say about their investments with noox “noox life video’ | ’Make a draft script and prepare a customer testimonial video (use the subtitling tool we talked about for English/English-speaking customers). Write to us! We’re on Instagram, Facebook, and of course, there’s always good old-fashioned email :) What is a noox community?
  • Where can I visit and learn more?
    Please check the updated schedule here: Invite list:
  • Who/what is noox?
    Noox originally was an art museum. The brand has now expanded to include several art museums and is a real estate development and management services company. Pixka is its sister crowdfunding investment company. The parent company is MYPSA (Mosaicos y Pisos, S.A.). Here is an overview of our past works: Developer Company History MYPSA - Pixka - noox | ENG Our history as a development company MYPSA CV 1970-2015.
  • How far is noox PVR (a beachfront property) from other main points of interest in Puerto Vallarta?
    Hospital San Javier: 30 minutes Hospital San Javier is a world-class hospital, with locations in both PV and Guadalajara, and is ranked among Mexico’s best (‘nivel hospitalario diamante’). Puerto Vallarta has several exceptional hospitals with English-speaking doctors in addition to San Javier, including Amerimed, Cobblestone, CMQ Centro (agreement with Garza Blanca Resorts), CMQ Premiere, and MedAssist. PVR Airport: 37 minutes Driving directions Zona Romantica / Malecón (Esplanade): 12 minutes Driving directions Grocery stores: 14 minutes and 30 minutes Mini Market Driving directions Costco driving directions Galerias Vallarta Shopping Mall: 35 minutes TripAdvisor Reviews
  • Anything else I should plan to see/do nearby?
    When soaking up the sun and swimming in the surf on gorgeous beaches right in front of noox PVR gets to be a bit much, there are plenty of other options for playing in and around us. Within minutes you can be snorkeling, boating, diving, and fishing in multiple gems along the coast. When the sun and sand become a bit much, inland adventures await. Boca de Tomatlan: 17 minutes Driving directions Tip: Hike through the jungle and take a dip in the deserted beaches along the trail from Boca de Tomatlan to Playa Las Animas Vallarta Zoo: 15 minutes Driving directions Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens Driving direction Paddle boating at Paddle Zone in Playa Mismaloya: 12 minutes Driving directions Parasailing in Playa Las Animas Driving directions Las Animas, Quimixto, and Yelapa Cruise around the bay: Charter a boat and captain to take you and your crew here, then go swimming in a waterfall! Note: This town has attracted the likes of Bob Dylan and members of the Grateful Dead. Come check it out and you’ll see why. Los Arcos Maritime Nature Reserve Aquarium See manta rays and humpback whales in the shade of the granite rocks Go snorkeling here! Conchas Chinas beach Catch yourself dinner from the rocks Grand Miramar All Luxury Suites and Residences Sip on something sparkling
  • Anything else I should check out before visiting?
    Watch the Hollywood film “Night of the Iguana” (1964), which was filmed just 10 minutes south of noox PVR in Mismaloya. The population of Puerto Vallarta grew more than 100% in the year after this film was released! Check out the official guide to PV: Note on timezone: PV is GMT -6 (Central Standard Time). (GMT -5 from the first Sunday in April to the Saturday before the last Sunday in October).
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